3. Pray for Mildred’s Family

Mildred is the sister of a dear sisterfriend of mine. On Friday Mildred came from Puerto Rico to visit family for Christmas. On Monday 12/15/08 she was killed in a car accident when her vehicle was side swiped. She was a 50yr old loving mother of 3 children & 4 grandchildren (with Sisters & other loved ones). Although her family knows that she has gone on with her Lord and Saviour, the children and family are devastated. Someone brought it to my attention that if anyone can help them financially or otherwise please let me know. This family will incur expenses of shipping their sister’s body back to Puerto Rico for burial and taking flights back & forth themselves. Thank you an advance!

2. Prayer List

  1. Larry & Debbie – Doing better, thank the LORD! He passed out while at work a few weeks ago and hit his head on the pavement, He had to have emergency brain surgery.
  2. A Church family – recently lost their 41yr old daughter. She has twin girls who are 9yrs old. Added on: Sunday, 12/14/2008
  3. Nicky – my nephew, just diagnosed with stomach ulcer.
  4. Nancy & Family – having trouble dealing with the loss of her devoted husband & loving father.
  5. Slater Family – personal reasons
  6. Stephanie & Family – personal/medical reasons
  7. Brandi – my stepdaughter, personal reasons
  8. Carina **update – (some tests results are back – looking good so far) keep her lifted up in your prayers. Mom sends love & thanks to all. fainting spells.
  9. Javier **update – His job payed for him to go to P.R. He is back to work & moving forward in life. Thanks for praying. His Mother died yesterday, flew to Puerto Rico today 12/8/08
  10. Jones Family ** update – They send love & thanks. Lost their cousin recently
  11. Oshe **update – HEALED, thank the LORD! She is thankful to everyone who prayed for her.
  12. Mike – doing better, personal reasons.
  13. Wayne – doing better, personal reasons
  14. Frank – personal reasons
  15. Mandi **update – her Mom sends love & thanks to all those praying for her family). She is trusting in the LORD to heal her.
  16. Junie Archie **update – Thank God, someone called me & gave me information about a Pharmaceutical Company that helps people in need of meds. Ask your Doctor, they need to fill out some forms for you. losing blood, getting blood transfusions (is home now, but medication cost is over $200).
  17. Melissa Soto **update – 2 days ago she became engaged to be married. Will be setting a wedding date very soon. She’s so happy! Please continue to keep her lifted up. she is still waiting for test results for the migraines high blood pressure.
  18. Monica – personal reasons
  19. Anita – diagnosed with cancer (pray for her & family)
  20. Neil – back to work doing great, thank the LORD! disc surgery Nov.08, continue to lift him up.
  21. Belinda Archie – thank you all for your prayers & for being a blessing in my life.
  22. Vernal Archie – doing better (please keep him lifted in prayer)
  23. Teresa – (family/job situations). Please keep her lifted up in your prayers.

1. Prayer Request

  1. Guess Family – personal reasons. They thank everyone for prayers
  2. Jermaine Archie – personal/medical reasons
  3. Kimmie B. – personal reasons
  4. Dessasure Family – personal reasons
  5. Julio – personal reasons
  6. Shaun Jr & his Parents – my grandson, (school/attitude).
  7. Kevin – personal/medical reasons
  8. Cyndi – medical reasons/work issues/finances
  9. Marlene & Arianna ** update – They are healed, thank the LORD! She sends thanks to all that prayed for her & baby girl. Eunice – medical reasons
  10. Anthony Family – lost their granddaughter
  11. Ms Evelyn – She has medical issues & is trying to take care of her husband and son who are both physically challenged.
  12. Maria – her health, family & finances
  13. Lois – medical reasons
  14. Terryne – personal reasons
  15. Trish – personal reasons
  16. Jeri – personal reasons
  17. Clyde – medical reasons
  18. Jerrie – health/finances
  19. Pebbles (Carol) – medical reasons
  20. Ingrid’s Family – personal reasons

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