239. Prayer for Karla

@Karlameachem She had a bad fall 3 weeks ago and broke her right ankle & knee and is requesting cont. prayer for a speedy recovery. She is a sister in the Lord too.
resting in Him,
Paul Buchanan

Father God we ask for a rapid & complete healing for
our sister Karla in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Lady Bee


238. Pray for Angela’s Family

In prayer#192 Angela’s brother EJ was diagnosed with Cancer 7 mos ago and yesterday when he went to the doctors the tests showed the cancer has rapidly spread throughout his body. Please pray for God’s will to be done and strength for their family at this time. EJ’s wish is to visit some of the special restaurants in his town that he has not had chance to go to. His family is now planning on flying out to be with him & make his dreams come true.
Lord we trust that you will have your way, for you know all things. We glorify you & we ask all blessings for EJ’s dreams to come true in the precious name of Jesus.
Lady Bee

237. Glory to God for All Things!

Thank you all for praying for this prayer list. Prayer#221 for Pakistan, an email from one of the evangelist;
Dear Sister Lady Bee
I thank you from the depths of my heart that you helped me by your prayers in my difficulties.
That Group of Taliban passed through our homes, streets, passed by the roads on Friday 9am and was stayed one and half hour. But Thank God they did not burn the churches, homes etc. Every where police was on the position. They operated the Sawat city and killed many Terrorists. The accession passed with out any destruction. Only one bad news I heard they caught a Christian 16 years old boy and killed him by cut his throat. Police arrested the killers they were three persons.

Till this day Police killed many of them. We moved on Thursday from our home because of this accession and came back last night. I missed you there a lot.

I am very thankful to you.Evangelist GJ

Praises to God for all the things that he has done
and all that he will continue to do. Glory Hallelujah!

Lady Bee

236. Pray for Michael

Please pray for Esther – her brother Michael has been missing since the beginning Of April. Please pray for Michael’s.

Lord bless & place your shield of protection around Michael, keeping him safe from any harm, dangers or troubles seen or unseen. Bring him soundly back to his family in Jesus name.
Lady Bee

235. Prayer for A Litlte Girl

My friend’s 8 year old cousin is fighting for her life. This is the message she just sent me and I am asking for people to come into agreement with me on healing for her life.

3 days ago she spiked a high fever and had a seizure. Her parents rushed her to the hospital (Univ of Kentucky Med Center). Since then they have done numerous tests (i.e. bone marrow biopsy, spinal tap, MRI’s, etc) and at first thought she had a herpes viral infection in her brain. Since then, they have ruled that out. They did diagnose her with Microphage Activating Syndrome. It’s like a fire in her body. They had started high dose iv steroids, but as of yet (1 day in) haven’t done much. She isn’t responsive (was induced into a coma, but is now off those meds…we’re waiting for her to wake up.) The latest MRI showed she had had a massive bilateral (on both sides) stroke. They can’t determine if she has brain function yet, because she is not awake yet. She has a respirator and a feeding tube. Her liver is also damaged.

Nobody knows why this is happening, or what caused this to happen. She was a healthy 8 year old 4 days ago. It’s like a maze…..every time we turn the corner, we hit another wall.” Thanks for your prayers. Felicia B.
God Bless & Heal Her
in the name of Jesus.

Lady Bee

Happy Sunday My Friends

I’m working on the “NEW FRONT WEB PAGE” and hoping that you truly love the new look as much as I do. If you remember & have frequently stopped by this spiritual website you would know that the page was a very bright “ORANGE” with one big yellow flower. Well as you may know I just love flowers & butterflies so I changed the front webpage and also the browser tab should now show a little butterfly too. Many changes will taking place on the site so please bare with me. This is all for God’s glory and when his soft voice speaks, I listen and I follow!

Peace Be Still
Lady Bee