43. Jason

Medical reasons.


I’m So Excited & Blessed!

It has truly touched and lifted my spirit to know that I lived to see history in the making. THANK YOU FATHER GOD!

Just to watch the LORD’s plan for us all, showing us that when we think that things are impossible, only with Him our dear Father in heaven is all things possible. We need not doubt His word (the Holy Bible) for this is all written in scripture.

To see all of the people black, white, asian you name it and they were there at the inauguration or seen on TV in different cities, states & towns celebrating in a peaceful loving manner this historical moment in time. This is how the LORD has shown us that we are not to be separated by division (colors or nations) but to stand together in His love. We all are family because we belong to only Him. We are all His children and are blessed beyond measure!

~ My love to you all ~
May God’s Love Shine Upon You