330. Pastors David &Sharon Pine Needs Our Prayers

Their granddaughter was died in a fire in December 2008. Her birthday was yesterday and they are still grieving over her death. The mother Stacy is having a very difficult time dealing with the lost of her child. Let us lift them all up before the God’s throne.
Father God as I come before your throne ever so humbling asking that you comfort and deliver this family from their saddened hearts of missing their beloved child/grandchild. Restore their peace, joy and fill them with the wonderful memories of the time they did share with this loving child. Share your understanding, wisdom and give them the courage to move forward with a peaceful heart knowing that all things are for your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen
Lady Bee


329. Pray for Yvonne

She has cancer of the esophagus and is in a great deal of pain.
O’ Merciful God of Grace, we ask that you touch Yvonne’s body and bring her from the suffering she is experiencing at this time. Let your will done in the mighty and precious name of Jesus. Amen
Lady Bee

328. Family of Karl Malden

He passed away yesterday. Pray for his loved ones & many friends.
Dear Lord please comfort the family & most closest friends of Karl
as he has touched many lives in the name of Jesus. Amen

Lady Bee

327. Fred Travelena’s Family

He passed away on Sunday at home. Please pray for his family & friends who dearly love him.
Lord comfort the family & friends of Fred and give each of them
strength in their time of need in Jesus’ name Amen

Lady Bee

326. Pray for Maria

She is writing a book to tell of her testimony in all that the LORD has done for her.
O Lord open doors for our sister Maria. Guide her and light the path that she shall walk on. Let the Holy Spirit move in her writings so that her wonderful testimony will be in glorification of your everlasting love in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Lady Bee

325. Prayer for Mary William

She has stomach problems and having lots of pain. Also lift up her brother who has she says steals from people.
Dear Lord God Almighty, touch and heal Mary’s body with your powerful anointed hands and restore her joy & peace of mind. And Father God soften the heart of her brother. Create in
him a clean heart so that he does not take from others but instead become a giver in the
name of Jesus I pray. Amen
Lady Bee