334. Mark Needs Prayer

Mark needs a job/career. He is also looking for an apartment and a Woman of God to be with him as a life long, God given companion. He is also asking that God help him to overcome the obstacles that always seem to rise up and cause complications in his life. He is looking forward to continuing his walk with Jesus Christ.
Dear Lord, increase Mark’s strength, faith & his courage with the heart of a lion. Make
the way for him to get a good paying job in an environment that he can do a good work that
will glorify you our Father in heaven. In your timing O God lead Mark to an upscaled safe area for him to reside. Send Mark’s help mate, a woman who fears the LORD the bride of your choosing. May his family be bountifully blessed in the loving name of Jesus. Amen

rust in the LORD
Lady Bee


333. Prayer Joshua Aaron

Father has put it on my heart to desperately be in intercession for my grandparents (both sets). I am honestly unsure of their walks with the Lord and that is enough to pray. There are many walls/curses in my family that need to be broken and I know my God to be mighty in salvation. My grandparents have been talking about “leaving us” lately and I believe that that is another part of the Lord’s prompting for me to pray for them. Thank you for taking the time to read this.” Joshua A.
Everlasting Father please ease the burden of Joshua and reveal the plans for his grandparents. For we all are saved by grace and are welcome to receive the gift of
salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord who died for our sins. Holy Spirit
guide & comfort Joshua’s family in Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen

rust in the LORD
Lady Bee

332. Pray for Mac’s Family

They need to sell their home before the end of July 2009.
Father God I ask that you make the way and clear the path for Mac’s Family to advance and continued blessings to pour down on them. For you O God have already supplied all our needs
in the name of Jesus. Amen

rust in the LORD
Lady Bee

331. Pray for Peter & Others

He has unsaved children and wants them to receive Jesus Christ into their lives. Also being the only Christian in the household he is having such a hard time and is asking an extra prayer for himself too.
Father God I pray that you reveal yourself to show Peter’s family, my family and all others who have unsaved family members. Show them all who Jesus really is. Send other Christians to be a witness of your lovingkindness and truth to the unsaved. Open and Soften each of their hearts and convict them in the Holy Spirit. Give those that know you and received you the strength, courage and the faith to walk with a light that shines as bright as the stars in the sky in Jesus’ name. Amen
rust in the LORD
Lady Bee

I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks for my friend C. Nick @ http://aprovisionofgod.blogspot.com I received this award for having an inspirational website. GLORY BE TO GOD FOR HE IS WORTHY OF ALL THE PRAISE!!

I was directed to list 7 things that I love and then to pass the award along to 7 of my fellow bloggers.

Things I Love

1- Jesus
2- Family
3- Friends (Off/Online)
4- Gospel/Christian Music
5- Sending emails & uplifting messages to family & friends
6- Going to parks/lakes/beaches
7- Mailing letters & postcards

Kreativ Bloggers

1- Princess Mina @ http://www.princess-mina.com

2- Evelyn @ http://eves-journey.blogspot.com

3- LaFemme LaVie @ http://swordofgoliath.blogspot.com

4- Valerie @ http://simply4god.blogspot.com

5- Cynthia @ http://ccol4him.blogspot.com

6- Mel @ http://avoiceformoms.blogspot.com

7- Matt @ http://mattmilamii.blogspot.com

The blogs I’ve chosen are inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking. Please check out C. Nick’s site, as well as, all the others that I’ve chosen to pass the award along too.

In Christ †

Lady Bee ♥


Lady Bee

330. Pastors David &Sharon Pine Needs Our Prayers

Their granddaughter was died in a fire in December 2008. Her birthday was yesterday and they are still grieving over her death. The mother Stacy is having a very difficult time dealing with the lost of her child. Let us lift them all up before the God’s throne.
Father God as I come before your throne ever so humbling asking that you comfort and deliver this family from their saddened hearts of missing their beloved child/grandchild. Restore their peace, joy and fill them with the wonderful memories of the time they did share with this loving child. Share your understanding, wisdom and give them the courage to move forward with a peaceful heart knowing that all things are for your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen
Lady Bee