FAITH – Let it Grow!

FAITH is; not being selfish! We are to release our gifts, be a blessing to others and we too shall surely be more blessed. Shine on Folks!!

★ We Pray Your FAITH
Grows and Goes Deeper
in Christ Jesus 



SPEAK LIFE – Be the Change!

No matter what you see or hear in this world, make sure your FAITH in God is unshakeable. Make sure your FAITH is steadfast and make sure your soul is anchored in the Lord!!

~Dr JoAnn Williams

Be the Positive, Be the Difference
and Be the Light of the World!


SPEAK LIFE – It’s A Blessing!

Whatever you’re going through today, just trust God…Like Jonah, it is in those “BELLY EXPERIENCES ” that we learn to hear and trust God…When we surrender to God he opens the doors of our situations allowing us to come out as pure gold…Go through your belly experiences with JOY, THANKSGIVING and CONFIDENCE, knowing God is my deliverer…When Jonah submitted, he came out, you can too… God bless!

~Dr JoAnn Williams

Be the Positive, Be the Faithful, 
Be the Light of the World.