FAITH – March 31

Friends, FAITH is when you KNOW your ready and prepared in Christ for battle-mood. Shout, I got the V • I • C • T • O • R • Y 🌈

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CHOICE! March 31

Friends, NO chain can hold you, NO obstacle can cause you to stumble, and every giant in your life today is already slayed. The jail Paul (and Silas) was in could not keep him (them), the obstacles in Joseph’s way from being sold as a slave to prison himself could not cause him to stumble, nor did David cause a giant to dictate to him the outcome of the Lord God almighty. Just as David said in (1 Samuel 17:45:-47) you come at me with sword and javelin but I come to you in the name of the almighty God!

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A WORD! March 31

[Deuteronomy 15:7] After the Lord your God gives land to each of you, there may be poor Israelites in the town where you live. If there are, then don’t be mean and selfish with your money.

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PRAYER on March 31

We pray that this day you will find peace in the one who can bring it like no other. We pray your faith grows to new levels as you hunger and thirst after God. Let nothing or no one steal your joy today. Today we come against anything that would come against your family, finances, marriage, and relationship with God. Today we pray that everything that was meant to be an obstacle or hindrance now becomes a tool for success. You are strong and courageous a child of the most high God. Go in peace, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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