Let your FAITH rise up like David did! He had bumps and bruises but, David kept on going in the direction God had chosen for him.

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WORD OF GOD SPEAK in the PM ☽ August 31

(Psalm 62:2) speaks; He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken. 

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FRIDAY’s SHOUT OUT ⇒ is to Guitarist,Vernal Archie

We would like to show some love for Guitarist, Vernal Archie, who is a talented man with a heart and ear for good music! He has performed with past and present very well-known artists at fine locations. Vernal Archie is available for hire and can be reached on Facebook at:

Vernal, we pray your continued blessings in every aspect of life and your music career as well!!

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