FAITH IS RISING╰☆╮- on May 12 

My FAITH dances╰☆╮and believes that whatever my BIGGEST mountain is, I can speak to it, I will tell it, “IT HAS TO GO not tomorrow, not tonight, but right now!! I take authority over it and I am praising and thanking God for removing it on my behalf. Amen.


PRAISE BREAK ♪ – A Song for May 12

  Musical Notes on Facebook   Today’s featured song is: Close by Marvin Sapp.  Every praise is to our God because He is more than Worthy!!
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Think Better About it, Do it Right, and stop listening to others who are telling you more about your limitations than your great potential. Just know who you are and what your capable of doing and keep on pressing. Your blessings are closer than you think!!

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