A GREAT FAITH – February 28

Do not get weary and discouraged. Grow stronger, be encouraged and let God bring out and show off His best in you!!


★ Faith Allows You to
Come into Agreement with God 

SPEAK IT RIGHT – February 28

Speak a kind word to people, help someone in need, pray  for others, share your beautiful smile or a hug filled with the love of Jesus, text some friends and family today, email, fellowship, call, post or comment with love, visit, mail an encouraging card or write a special letter to someone who could sure use the extra love right now. You could be the difference, or that change they may need in their life. God bless you!!


★ Speak Good Things So That
the Great Things Can Happen 


➤ [Proverbs 14:22] says; It’s a mistake to make evil plans, but you will have loyal friends if you want to do right.



Sin can bring us “NO” good benefit, but it can bring a bad consequence. Be careful and DO GOOD!!

Fire up your Faith
with the power in the Word of God,
and completely starve the flesh