A GREAT FAITH – February 27

God will clear the path, He will open the way and bless me. Say it, Believe it and Receive it!!


★ Faith Allows You to
Come into Agreement with God 

SPEAK IT RIGHT – February 27

Precious Friends, the more we love God and the more we love on people, changes are taking place in the lives of others. This is very pleasing to God and it does make a difference in this world. Show and tell somebody that you LOVE them!!

★ Speak Good Things So That
the Great Things Can Happen 


➤ [Psalm 46:6-7]; Nations rage! Kingdoms fall! But at the voice of God the earth itself melts. The Lord All-Powerful is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress.

He is my Almighty God!!

Fire up your Faith
with the power in the Word of God,
and completely starve the flesh