FAITH – Just Believe!

FAITH, by following Jesus, He will make me fishers of men.

★ We Pray Your “FAITH” to
Grow Everyday and Go Much
Deeper in the Lord Jesus Christ 



SPEAK LIFE – Every Day Matters! 

I proclaim the name of Jesus. Don’t be shame speak and show it, live and be it, share and post it!!!

Be the Positive, Be the Difference
and Be the Light of the World!


The WORD – is Alive! 

➤ Verse of the Day is Isaiah 43:8 AMP; Bring out the people who are blind, even though they have eyes, And the deaf, even though they have ears.

Note: Friends and Family, don’t be an idolator. Don’t be tricked any more, stop refutting the One and the Only True Living God!! In Jesus Name, we pray, claim and declare your belief is in Him alone. Amen.

May God Bless and Give Us 
a Better Understanding of His Wisdom
and Knowledge of the WORD!!


PRAYER – in Our Hearts Today!

O Heavenly Father, we need You. Not only in the troubled times, but each and every day we live and breathe. We cannot do anything without You God and yet we know that surely we can do everything with You. Guide us in Your grace and wisdom to live holy and righteous through the trials and tribulations when they confront us. Help us O God to get and keep our hearts right, cleansed, pruned, repented, obedient and ever so humbled. In Jesus name our every praise belongs to You Father God. Amen!!

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