FAITH – Just Believe!

FAITH, is watching beautiful things happen when you love the Lord, and treat everyone with love. Let’s LOVE on somebody…!!

★ We Pray Your “FAITH” to
Grow Everyday and Go Much
Deeper in the Lord Jesus Christ 

SPEAK LIFE – Every Day Matters! 

Jonah came right out of the belly of hell as soon as he humbled himself and started seeing things God’s way… Speak Good, Live Right and Be Humble!!

Be the Positive, Be the Difference
and Be the Light of the World!


PRAYER – in Our Hearts Today!

May we “PRAY” for you today? We understand that there is so much chaos and turbulence in the world right now as it is, the bible has already spoken the truth. Prayer makes a difference as God hears the fervent prayers of the righteous man… Let us come into agreement with you and plead for your benefit or for someone else you know who is certainly in need!!

★ Send Your Prayer Requests/or Praises 
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