FAITH – is Believing ✔

FAITH is Believing; Jesus will run me down and pursue me! He will not leave me alone.

We Pray Your
FAITH is Growing Deeper in
the Lord Jesus Christ 

SPEAK LIFE – Say It Loud and Clear 📢

God is the Generator and Awesome source of my truth, love and my life belongs to Him.

Live Life to the Fullest
and Be a Positive Speaker 📢

PRAYER – Makes the Difference 🙏🏾

Father God I am putting every burden on the altar right now. Release us, break every yoke and stronghold that may keep us in the blind, surrounding any of us by darkness or draining, driving us in bondage. Walk before us LORD and stomp out every fiery arrow and block every satanic trap. Father God, demolish those arrows that would try to interfere, disrupt and harm my family. In Jesus name I thank You for Your great love and mighty protection. Amen!!

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