REAL TALK – That’s It 💯

The truth about it is, a non-believer will make choices as though there was no afterlife. In reality, believers know that this life is the introduction to eternity. How we live this “brief life” determines our eternal life. What we accumulate on earth has no value to gaining eternal life. Let’s evaluate our lifestyle from an eternal perspective. Hopefully we’ll find our values and decisions changing quickly. 

Nothing But>>> REAL TALK 💯

PRAYER – Humbly We Pray 🙏🏾

Sovereign Father, we ask You to send Your Holy Spirit Fire and touchdown on everyone attending each Worship Service on today. Protect us, sheild us and lead us to meet You at the tabernacle. Incline every ear and lift every hand to praise and honor You in worship. In Jesus Name we pray Your will be done Father God. Amen.


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