REAL TALK – 💯 That’s It!

Just because you’re in a better position doesn’t mean you’re a better person. Stay Humble!

Just Gotta
Keep It REAL 💯

FAITH – Strongly Believing… ✔

FAITH is: During the good and the bad times we hold on, because we know that God is worthy of all the praise.

Even when we are going “through” the storm God is with us! He will calm that storm in due time (once we place our complete FAITH, trust and timing in His hands) the waters shall return to a peaceful flow.

We Pray You
Stay Strong in the Race
as Your FAITH Grows ✔

SPEAK LIFE – Above and Beyond 🌈

We often portray a fake appearance or act differently to show others a more perfect side of us. While it may make us appear more civil, we still need to work towards a REAL CHANGE in our hearts. Don’t worry about being a “people pleaser”… Be a God pleaser!!

Positivity ~vs~ Negativity,
I Choose the POSITIVE 🌈

PRAYER – in Agreement… 🙏🏾

Thank You Father God for the mercy and grace You have shown toward me and my family. You woke us again to see another day of Your great love and compassion. Use each one of us in the way You have purpose and planned today and I will give You all the glory and all of the praise.  In the name of Jesus, I love You and pray. Amen.

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PRAYER – Requests 🙏🏾

P4E1 - Prayer - We want to pray for you.jpg

Everyday we are praying for our “List of Petitions” as we recieve individual requests daily. Tell us how we may pray for you. Also, we pray over the entire “List of Petitions” again on Sunday nights during our weekly Intercessory Prayer time. 

► Send Your Prayer Request
407-536-6304 🙏🏾