REAL TALK – 💯 That’s It!

To have God on our side does not mean sailing on a boat with no storms.  It means having a boat that no storm can sink!! Family and Friends, did you catch that?

Just Gotta
Keep It REAL 💯

FAITH – Building and Developing Character ✔

Stand firm, by FAITH on God’s word and what He is to you. You will see His hand move in your favor.

We Pray that Your FAITH
Grows Stronger Every Day ✔

SPEAK LIFE – Only the Positive 🌈


If others try to set a price-less word over your life, purpose and dreams and then want you to accept the taste-less purchase of their thoughts of you,  DECLINE IT! It’s a bad transaction from a rejected debit card. You can surely get a better bargain my friend!!! 

Always the Positive and
Refuse Every Negative Thing 🌈