FAITH – Building and Developing Character ✔

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Is your FAITH being fed?  FAITH is believing with all your heart! Sometimes, we have to ask God to help our unbelief because we are taught from a young age to only trust in what our eyes can see. But, by reading our bible we find that God says the exact opposite of what the world has to say. He wants us to “Walk by FAITH and Not by Sight“. Well, if we do believe that,  then we will look to Him and wait on the LORD so that our FAITH and soul will prosper and grow even more. It can be hard sometimes because the waiting process can be long and extended. But it is worth it all when we WAIT on God’s perfect timing!!! If you know of the song; Great is Thy Faithfulness, think on it during the day and maybe even bust-out in a song of PRAISE  to worship the Greatest, Most Awesome Father, our King!! 

We Pray that Your FAITH
Grows Stronger Every Day ✔

Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

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