REAL TALK – Friday’s, Right On Point 💯

Be patient because that’s what LOVE is. Many people believe we are living in the last days, and some of us wonder why Jesus hasn’t come already…because he is patient. He still waiting on some to accept him,
And I read further what love is in realize the rest is difficult if not impossible to do completely and effectively with out being patient. And even if you think you have a lot of patience, you will find be trials to teach you even more patience. But it’s LOVE! God is love…and it’s his character we should put on and walk in. So wait on and refuse to be annoyed and anxious in the process of giving your time. That’s #REAL TALK!! 

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EVANGELISM – We Are All Called 📣

Can I tell you that, real love operates with great power, when there is NO guarantee of reciprocity. This generation and culture teaches you to invest to gain, and that’s cool when you are dealing with money, but NOT with people>>>souls. Jesus said while you were useless, rebellious, and slow cooking to death in your own sin, I died for you. His love is eternal, whether you receive Him or reject Him, He WILL love you. Jesus will love you in Heaven, just like He loved you on Earth, and if you decide to spend eternity in Hell, He will love you there too.

And He said to them,
“Go into all the world and preach
the gospel to every creature.  Mark 16:15 📣
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FAITH – Friday’s Justifying Faith 👍

God immediately reassures us that the message is truth. It will not lie. It will come. It will begin to be fulfilled right away. But it is God’s truth, so we should believe it! Amen.

We Pray Your Strength, Increase, Wisdom,
Peace, and Embracing FAITH 👍
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WORD – for Friday 📖

WORD – for Saturday 📖

Knock, Knock, and Good Morning, It’s Bible Blessings at Your Door! Today’s special delivery verse is from John 15:20 and it reads; Remember the word that I said to you, A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also.

We Pray This Special Delivery of
God’s Word Has Blessed You Real Good 📖
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PRAYER – on Friday 🙏🏾

Father God thank You for keeping us even when we pass through the rivers, they will not sweep us over and when we walk through the fire, You will not let us get burned. For You Father God are our Lord, our God, the Holy One of Israel and our blessed Saviour. In Jesus name we praise and worship You with a humbled heart. Amen!!

We Pray All Day Long and Longer…🙏 
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