FAITH – Monday’s Justifying Faith 👍

Prayers are the safest Medicine and God is the best Doctor!! 

We Pray Your Strength, Increase, Wisdom,
Peace, and Embracing FAITH 👍

WORD – for Monday 📖

Knock, Knock? It’s Monday Blessings at Your Door! Today’s verse is Psalm 119:133 which says; Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity (no wickness, no immorality, no violations, no injustices or no sin) have dominion over me  

A Prayer for Every Reader 📖,
In Jesus name help us to enter into Your holiness and walk directly, intentionally into Your word. Amen!!

PRAYER – on Monday 🙏🏾

Thank You, God, for the miraculous ways You have worked in the past. Help me to remember Your power and faithfulness when I can see only trouble and difficulty in front of me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

 We Pray Daily 🙏
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