REAL TALK – Sunday, Right On Point 💯

No matter who says it’s okay, we cannot accept wrong living as right then ask God to bless America… God only blesses what is right according to His word. We cannot make God bless our mess…We must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. That’s REAL TALK!
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FAITH – Sunday’s Justifying Faith 👍

Don’t stop trusting God because the problem showed up….even that problem has to bow down before God  Amen!

We Pray Your Strength, Increase, Wisdom,
Peace and May Your FAITH Be Justified 👍

PRAYER – on Sunday 🙏🏾

Good Morning Eternal Father, so humbling we praise You and come before You requesting a great blessing from heaven and an incredible anointing to pour down upon every Worship Service and all it’s attendees, even those who were unable to come. And Father we pray mercy and forgiveness for those who chose and did not have the right mind or spirit to attend today for they know not what they do. In the name and grace of Jesus. Amen!!

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