Evangelism -Monday’s, We Are All Called📣

Messages shared directly from Evangelist Marva! We are very thankful and we give God all the glory!!

Before I get into postings about “Righteous Judgment”, Do you enjoy life? Is it fulfilling? Is it rewarding INSIDE? Some of you can say YES! Some of you NO!

May I submit to you that until you accept Jesus Christ as both Savior and LORD you will not enjoy life as only GOD can bless it!!! WHY? Because you are living one dimensionally. You are not SPIRITUALLY ALIVE and LIVING out your GOD PURPOSES nor are you completing your GOD ASSIGNMENTS. Maybe you are born again but feel like you aren’t making an impact in the Earth. Well… get out there and start working for GOD! Ask Him what your assignments are for the day and get to it!!! GOD IS A SPIRIT. YOU are a spirit housed in a flesh-suit and you will never be 150% at peace and filled with joy until you connect with GOD and begin DOING those things He created YOU to do. Amen!

And He said to them,
“Go into all the world and preach
the gospel to every creature.  Mark 16:15.
Evangelism – Monday’s, We Are All Called 📣



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