REAL TALK – On Sunday!

Build UP!

  • Building our armor 
  • Focus on the Truth
  • Separate lies from facts and facts from truth
  • What does Jesus say about it?
  • Stand on the TRUTH 

~Stacy Boling

NEW INSPIRATION – Sunday’s Faith Builder 👍

Today you are smart, worthy, loved, and cared for. The Master Potter never makes anything less than a masterpiece! Know that He is proud of you and He displays you proudly. Today let no one or any thing steal your joy. Today tell your problems “my God is bigger than you are so move yourself from my way” 👍

 Prayer and Word for Everyone
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~Carlos Aranda 

WORD – Sunday’s Treasured Verse ✔

A Bible Verse to Share Today is (John 1:1)
The Word of God is God Himself, according to John 1:1, to develop a thriving root system, our lives must be rooted in the soil of Scripture.  For God to develop you, you must go deep into the Word of God. Meditating in it, and meditation goes beyond just reading. If you want to be firmly planted, you must go deep in the Bible—chewing on the Word, studying it, memorizing it, praying it, and most importantly living it. Amen!

  We Pray God Blesses You
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~Diane Robertson-Gordon

PRAYER 🙏 – On Sunday!

Lord thank you for this new day! Lord I thank you that you will keep my family and friends. Lord cover us in the blood in the name of Jesus.  We’re covered going in and coming out.  Amen.

~Valerie Wilder