Blessed No Matter What!

Do you ever look at your health, your bank account, your relationships, your job and think to yourself man what’s going on? I think a lot of us do and that’s what this is about today. God wants you to KNOW that if you don’t have the best health, a lot of money, challenging relationships etc..that YOU ARE STILL BLESSED!!! God never said when all these things line up perfectly THEN you are blessed no sir, that’s where WE get it twisted. We say if I have this or drive that or wear this THEN I’am blessed but God NEVER promised us we would wear that, or live in that, or drive that.

John the Baptist has been on my mind a lot this past week. He was Jesus’ cousin a great man of God who ate bugs!LOL! But Jesus said John was a great man. I want to encourage you that no matter what, YOU ARE BLESSED. Not because of what you have, or the good you have done but because of Who has you….GOD! Don’t ever let those voices tell you, you are not blessed because of ABC or D. In times like these you better know that you know that you are blessed by association wth the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He’s the reason we are blessed not because of what we possess, be it money, houses, cars, land, talents etc..we are blessed because God has revealed Himself to us!!! Some of you have lost jobs, houses, and cars. Some of you have had to pawn household items just to make ends meet and you think that God has forgotten you and that you are not blessed well the devil is a liar!!! YOU ARE BLESSED. Believe it, know it, meditate on it.(-: . by Marva Johnson

For the LORD Takes Pleasure in His People…Psalm 149:4
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