1695. Pray for Pastors & People

Father, guide and continue to increase the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all your chosen Leaders and Teachers revealing to them Your vision for the church. Let it be Your true anointed Word that is preached and heard by the saved and the unsaved at each Worship Service to effectively soften hardened hearts, deaf ears and the blind so that people will repent for their sins and we will celebrate Your gift of salvation of the Holy Spirit filled and Water Baptisms that are adopted into the Kingdom of God. And may the Saints of God receive Your grace and increase in every area of their lives by the hearing and doing of Your Word. Bless our Pastors in all they may do for Your glory. We pray a shield of protection, peace, strength and joy for all of our Pastors and all of Your people in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Prayer for Everyone ღ


Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

We are here daily to Pray and Encourage Others to the glory of God.