No Matter What it Seems

It’s so good to know that no matter what any circumstance says, God will make the way!

How many times have you applied for a job, house, or something you really desired and they said “NO” and you prayed, grace was released and God’s answer changed the whole situation to “YES” and you got a call back saying “YES, YOU GOT IT”! Or you needed money to pay your rent, get food, make a car payment to keep from being repo’ed or some other reason you needed monies and it seemed like nothing was going to happen in your favor, until God made the way and said “YES”!  Even if something was taken away from you, it’s making room for God’s plans of something better to come along. We shall not sink but, we shall rise above. There are many, many reasons we should honor God , praise Him and give Him all the glory in the good times and what seems to be our worst times. In the end of it all…GOD WILL MAKE A WAY! Believe it & Be Blessed!

 Prayer for Everyone 

Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

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