Pray for Marry Monday’s

Our “Marry Monday’s” is a time we focus on fasting and prayer for stronger foundations in Marriages and Relationships. 

We thank God and honor Him in the oneness of (one man and one woman) uniting together as one flesh.

Father God may Your Holy Spirit guide each married couple and relationship throughout the day and night. Increase us in wisdom, knowledge and Your understanding in the vision and covenant of marriage. Father in the good times and the bad help us to lift each other up and walk in “LOVE, FAITH and HOPE”. Help us to grow together in Christ, seek Your Word and Pray in agreement now and forever in the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Thank God for Intercessors ♦ 

Prayer for Everyone


Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

We are here daily to Pray and Encourage Others to the glory of God.