A Marvelous & Beautiful Monday

*** Jesus is a friend of mine ***

As we go through this wonderful day that the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! What will we do with the people that God places in our path today? Walk right pass them? Act like we don’t see them? NO!!! We need to be a blessing to those we meet because this is the will of God. Always let your light so shine because you never know when the LORD will send an unsaved soul in your direction, and if the person is already saved (still shine your light and lift them up too). We do not know everyone’s circumstances so always look to be a blessing for others and God shall take care of your needs. HAVE A SON SHINING DAY!!!

Pray about it!!!


God is Love
Lady Bee


Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

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3 thoughts on “A Marvelous & Beautiful Monday”

  1. “Love you !! and pray for you and your ministry keep up doing GOD things! which is hiden to the world!!!!!!!!! amen”

    Pastor Simon


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