Especially for My Hubby

Happy 26th Anniversary

(Vernal & Belinda Archie)

We’ve walked some ruff terrain, climbed some of the steepest of mountains and stumbled, but we did not fall. These 26 years are years that I will cherish and I’m hoping for another 26yrs to come. Our love has and is still standing the test of time with the love and blessings of our LORD Jesus Christ.

With the LORD as the head of our marriage and our lives we will finish the race as sure “WINNERS”!

May God continue to bless us always
and for ever in the name of Jesus. Amen

Your Loving Wife

Lady Bee


Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

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8 thoughts on “Especially for My Hubby”

  1. I have come to have much joy & comfort in your love; hearts have been refreshed thru you. Philemon 1:7



  2. Happy Anniversary to you, my sister, & your hubby. Continue to love & honor each other in a GOD-centric marriage:)

    Your brother
    in the LORD
    Thomas Tan


  3. Happy Anniversary Auntie Bee & Uncle V! Wow…26yrs huh! Such a beau-ti-ful thang! I love u dearly, enjoy ur day & blessings 2 u both & wishes 4 many more 2 come! xoxoxo”

    Love Tricia


  4. I am so Happy for the Love you two have *Smile* ((Huh)) you both. Amazing Love 2 become 1. Amen!!!”

    Paul Buchanan


  5. wow! Praise the LORD! May He continue to bless you both in your Christ-centered marriage. It's such a beautiful thing!


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