Have A Miraculous Monday

Remember God is using you for His special purpose. Let us shine bright for the glory of God. Smile and be a wonderful blessing to others today!

Blessed Be
The Name of Jesus
And All He’s Done For You & Me

Lady Bee


Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

We are here daily to Pray and Encourage Others to the glory of God.

4 thoughts on “Have A Miraculous Monday”

  1. Thank you so much Lady Bee, I loved getting the e mail this morning that sent me here;what a blessing indeed!

    Hope you have a blessed day from the Lord too! ((Hug)) from Paul.


  2. Oshe
    My sister I went for a walk on the beach today and spent some time with my heavenly Father God and also met this really nice couple named Ruby & Steven. They live here in FL too and just out enjoying each other in the sunset. It was so beautiful!! God is a wonderful & awesome God**

    Love & Blessings in the LORD


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