I Received the Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks for my friend C. Nick @ http://aprovisionofgod.blogspot.com I received this award for having an inspirational website. GLORY BE TO GOD FOR HE IS WORTHY OF ALL THE PRAISE!!

I was directed to list 7 things that I love and then to pass the award along to 7 of my fellow bloggers.

Things I Love

1- Jesus
2- Family
3- Friends (Off/Online)
4- Gospel/Christian Music
5- Sending emails & uplifting messages to family & friends
6- Going to parks/lakes/beaches
7- Mailing letters & postcards

Kreativ Bloggers

1- Princess Mina @ http://www.princess-mina.com

2- Evelyn @ http://eves-journey.blogspot.com

3- LaFemme LaVie @ http://swordofgoliath.blogspot.com

4- Valerie @ http://simply4god.blogspot.com

5- Cynthia @ http://ccol4him.blogspot.com

6- Mel @ http://avoiceformoms.blogspot.com

7- Matt @ http://mattmilamii.blogspot.com

The blogs I’ve chosen are inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking. Please check out C. Nick’s site, as well as, all the others that I’ve chosen to pass the award along too.

In Christ †

Lady Bee ♥


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