Billy Mays – July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009

No matter what you thought about the late Billy Mays, the hyper, loud, rash, and brash pitchman could sell the pants off just about anyone. He might have made you adjust the volume on your TV every time he came on, but he pitched some cool products that actually worked. Mays liked hard sells, but he peddled some pretty cool stuff.

After Billy Mays passed away in his Florida home this weekend, we wanted to honor the best of his products, what he was known for and what made him a micro-celeb.

Orange Glo: Billy Mays started out with Orange Glo pitches in the ’90s and took things from there. Had he never been hired by the founder of Orange Glo International, he wouldn’t have become the master pitchman he was.

OxiClean: Using a hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent, OxiClean is a little bit awesome. For anyone’s who’s ever sprinkled a tee with Clorox, this is a go-to cleaning solutions for the laundry clueless.

Shamwow: Every time we saw the water getting squeezed out of a Shamwow, we wanted to buy it. It might not make a pretty bathroom rug, but it makes a useful one.

It’s not easy to forget Billy Mays, nor the products he sold.

Love & Prayers to all that love him
God Bless
Lady Bee


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