Update on Lady Bee

I went to the doctors yesterday for my follow up from being in the hospital for High blood pressure & Diabetes. My doc’ says that my test results show that I have 30% heart disease on the right side of my heart and that we need to keep control of the blood pressure and diabetes because it increases the percentage whenever my heart has to work overtime. The medications I am now taking is keeping my pressure stable and near normal. But because my pressure is much lower I have been feeling exhausted and doc’ says it’s because my body is not used to normal blood pressure. It’s gonna take some time for my body to adjust. I finally have the glucose meter now too in order to check my sugar levels daily. I had already changed my diet and lost 29lbs so far. I am trusting in the LORD to heal my body completely and restore me. Anxiety had set in because I wasn’t able to do anything for myself and I had to keep praying for the LORD to rebuke that awful feeling. It was difficult but I made it through that storm thanks to many prayers and loving family & friends sent from heavenly Father up above. I will let you know how I am doing from time to time and as most of you already know, I have been chosen to do a work for God and I will continue to do just that for His glory!! !!
Be blessed with love, peace,
health & prosperity
in Christ
Lady Bee


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