227. Pray for Melanie

She is 24yrs young and was diagnosed with cancer. Please lift her up for a healing with God’s miraculous powers. For by his stripes we are healed! Pray for her parents too Denny & Lisa.
God Bless Melanie & Her Family
Lady Bee


Happy Tuesday

Well I spent most of today sleeping the itchy’s away! I don’t know what caused the allergic reaction but I need an allergy test. I broke out in hives 3 nights ago and still very itchy today. A hive pops up every so often. Thank you for your prayers and I love you too. GOD BLESS YOU **

Peace Be Still
Lady Bee

226. Praise God for Answering Our Prayers!

Baby Stellan is going home with his Mom! All for the glory of God, Stellan is up & the love of the LORD is shining through his facial expression. Boston hospital has released him to go home to his family. He is on prayer#160,174,178 & 206. Thank you all for your prayers and thank you Jesus~

God Bless Stellan & Family
Lady Bee

223. Pray for Terryne

She is awaiting test results from her Doctor. Please lift her name up boldly before God’s throne in the name of Jesus. She needs a healing miracle physically, mentally and spiritually.
God Bless Terryne
Lady Bee

222. Pray for Grant’s Health

I don’t know the reasons of his health issues but our heavenly Father above surely knows all things. We ask for a healing miracle in the name of Jesus.
God Bless
Lady Bee