181. Pray for Shooting & Hostages in NY

Gov. David Paterson confirms people were killed in a shooting at an immigration services center in New York state. Officials and media reports say at least six people were injured and as many as 41 hostages taken.

God help them in the
mighty name of Jesus.

Lady Bee

179. Pray for Pastor Burden’s Ministry

We have got +10 crusades in the next 3 months and I also am starting up a television ministry ,and we are trusting God for the funds ,the format for this program is all together different we want to address everyday topics. All for the Body of Christ. God bless & Thank you, Pastor Kevin Burden.
Thy Will Be Done!Lady Bee

Rejoice It’s Finally Friday *

Happy Birthday
to my niece Dyanne!

With the love of Christ Jesus in us a radiant light should shine as bright as the stars in the universe. Even when there is a power surge (all the lights go out and darkness appears), we should be the power generators (the light of the world). Smile & Let your light shine!
Thinking of you all is my extra blessing.
May your day be full of increase
in Jesus name.
Lady Bee