173. Prayer for Lisa ?

The Lord knows all of her needs. I do not know the specifics, so let us lift her name before the LORD for He knows all.
God is Able.Lady Bee

172. Pray for John & Jodi

Jodi who had a brain tumor successfully removed (PRAISE OUR LORD) about 18 months ago! Her husband John returned home from Iraq and due to biological warfare condition which has attacked his pituitary gland and he is failing daily.
We ask for complete healing for them both.
God is Able.
Lady Bee

171. Prayer for Brother Bob & Family

He’s weak, tired! His white blood count is through the roof & Doctors don’t know why. Then his 16yr old daughter ran away from home with an unseemly 18yr who was just released from prison.
Deliverance for God is Able
in the name of Jesus.
Lady Bee

170. Thésie’s Mum Needs Our Prayers

Her Mom “Liesl Johnson” had a heart attack. Let pray for a healing of her body, God’s temple. Please leave your prayer comments, it is important for others to see that we are responding. Thank you prayer warriors!
Healing in the
name of Jesus.Amen.
Lady Bee