137. Pray for Ashley

Ashley needs our healing prayers. She was just diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Please leave your prayers
for her in the “comments” field.
Thank You & God Bless

Lady Bee

Author: Prayer and Word for Everyone

We hope to deliver Prayer, Word and Encouragement to all of our Friends!!

3 thoughts on “137. Pray for Ashley”

  1. Cancer Is so limited…It cannot cripple loveIt cannot shatter hopeIt cannot corrode faithIt cannot destroy peaceIt cannot kill friendshipIt cannot suppress memoriesIt cannot silence CourageIt cannot invade the soulIt cannot steal eternal lifeIt cannot conquer the spiritIt cannot stop God fromHelping us through it


  2. God bless you Ashley in His Love! Tudo podemos Naquele que nos Fortalece! Amen.Greetings from Brazil, Renato(Dear Lady Bee, I left a short message via MyBlogLog. Have a nice weekend! Cheers + Peace + Blessings! Renato)


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