Thanks A Bunch!

Thank you all so much for leaving me instant messages while I was out! We, Hubby & I had a great time at the Music Festival. Of course the weather was perfectly warm with a slight breeze which was just right so that it wasn’t very hot nor too cool. The band was really good and my hubby was too excited (being that he is a guitarist). And not to be bias, but he’s blessed with this wonderful talent and is such a magnificent musician! Well I have some posting and bible study to do. I am looking forward to chit chatting with many of you tomorrow. Good night!
Love & Peace
in the name of Jesus.
Lady Bee

114. Prayer for the Brigido Family

As the crisis takes its toll companies are delaying salaries of employees and that includes myself. I am supporting a family with two kids and I’m having a very difficult time receiving income here. I just hope and pray for God’s blessings to come soon.
Father God we ask for a
blessing for their needs
in the name of Jesus.Amen.
Lady Bee

What Will I Be Doing Today?

Well my brothers & sisters around the world,
I will be going out to the park, thankful for the sunshine! It is going to be 85 degrees today so we intend to enjoy an outdoor concert full of Jazz & Gospel music in Kissimmee Florida. Please freely leave messages on the Meebo instant messenger and I will be checking them as soon as I return.

Peace & Love To You All
in the name of the Lord.
Lady Bee

113. Pray for Frank & Vickie’s Family

Lift up Frank’s family boldly before the Lord, they need a prayer for healing, finances and strength.

God bless their families every need
in Jesus’ name.Amen.
Lady Bee

112. Our Prayer Today

Father God we come before you humbly in prayer and in faith asking that Your will be done and not ours! Lord, you know every need of every single person who is on this prayer list, the prayer warriors who pray in Your honor, the visitors/followers that faithfully come to Prayer for Everyone to pray for others & receive Your Word through this ministry and to fellowship with one another in Your holy name, those who want to get closer & seek Your kingdom. We ask for continued lovingkindness, grace and mercy upon everything and everyone at this time. Pour out a miraculous blessing upon each and every need & hearts desire. We love you and thank you for first loving us!

Bless our prayer requests
in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen.
Lady Bee

111. Pray for John Ministries

Let us pray for the Revival Meeting in Peteru Village on March 2nd – 5th. May God through His holy spirit send an anointing that will bless the souls in attendance.

In Jesus’.Amen.

Lady Bee