I Survived it!

Let me tell you, I got on that “Cardio Twister” and thought I was a spring chicken. That was only at first…lol. I did good for about 2 minutes and then all of the sudden, it hit me. I am not that young girl anymore and my body is not moving the same way it used too. So then I had to remember that when you start to exercise you have to take it slow. Oh yeah and I forgot to “warm up” that would have helped a lot.

Thank God, I did pretty good all in all but my thighs and knees were so sore last night. I’m going to work out again this afternoon and see what happens. NO PAIN NO GAIN, yeah right!

~ Hope You Have A Beautiful Thursday ~
Be a blessing and
God bless & keep you

52. Pray for God’s Little Children

All the children in this world need our prayers! They are under so much stress and peer pressure trying fit in and have friends (or so they think).

God bless your children and help their parents
to guide them in the way they should go in the
name of Jesus. Amen.

Happy Wednesday

Guess what? I received my “CARDIO TWISTER” on Monday.
For those that don’t know what this is; it is an exercise machine. You can see it and get more information at; www.cardiotwister.com/
So shortly after my bowl of Cheerios I will be starting my workout. I will be glad to let you all know what happens (once I catch my breath)…lol.
No really, I am doing this for health reasons. As some of you know, I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I’ve lost 21lbs since November 2008 and I just want to tight up some of the loose fat, strengthen my body and keep as healthy as possible. PRAY FOR ME!

Hope you all have a greatly
blessed day in the name of Jesus.
In His Love
Lady Bee